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Welcome to the home of MONEYMEN!

We find ourselves in familiar grounds. Together, we have seen it all - spirited plays, tirelessly going after loose balls, powerful rebounds, thunderous slam-dunks, the thrills and spills. Basketball indeed is a rallying point for us Filipinos.

And we are more than honored to have been part of the local basketball landscape. Cebuana Lhuillier has a rich and colorful basketball history that speaks of our company's enduring love for the game. I fondly remember our Cebu Gems' triumphant reign in the MBA. Our team's popularity and success, we owe tit he undying support of the Cebuano fans who embraced us as their own. We were known for our never-say-die attitude that endeared us to the basketball - crazy Cebuanos and the multitude of MBA fans. We then set our goals higher as we lent our support to the national men's basketball team. We did not only carry the name of our company. But we carried the honor and pride of the basketball-loving Filipinos. It was a trying time, as we played in center stage, burdened not only by our own desire, but by the aspirations and dreams of an entire nation.

We have been quiet in the basketballs scene in the last few years, but we have never really turned our backs from the sport. How can we, when we know the agony of each defeat and the thrill of each win? Our re-entry into the PBL is only picking up where we last left off.

As I look back with pride and fondness to our basketball past, I look forward with much optimism and fervor to our basketball future. Welcome to our Cebuana family, our Cebuana Lhuillier - Pera Padala team!

Team Owner
Cebuana Lhuillier - Pera Padala

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